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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We provide garage door spring repair services quickly! The time of our response is fast and both extension and torsion springs are efficiently replaced

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Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers

From the safety sensors to the rail and the motor, every component of the garage door opener system deserves proper care. Count on our experts for professional repair and installation services.

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Emergency Services

Emergency Services

Take advantage of our emergency services for any problem from broken garage door torsion spring to faulty motor and safety sensors. Get the best solution in the shortest time.

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24 Hour Emergency Garage Door Technicians

The answers to all garage door repair questions that you have are provided below. Get informed now.

Why should I choose a wooden garage door?

The wooden garage door meets customer’s needs and preferences. For instance, it comes in various styles and colors. The wooden door can also be painted and repainted in order to give it a new look. Supposing that you want to adjust the length and the width of your door, our technicians in Pineland Gardens can help you.

What kind of general maintenance does the wooden garage door require?

If you own a wooden door, your garage door maintenance should be done regularly in order to avoid rotting and erosion. Furthermore, at least once a year you should check all the working parts such as bearings, rollers and springs. You should also lubricate them periodically. Depending on weather conditions, you might have to paint your door every year.

How can I give my old wooden garage door a new look?

If you want to keep your garage door looking great, varnish it regularly. It is well-known that a wooden garage door requires special maintenance. In that event, you can repaint it from time to time in order to protect it from bending, erosion, rotting and scratches.

When is the best time to call an expert for a garage door repair?

If there is any minor or major disruptive noise from your garage door or operator, these are your initial warnings that something is not quite right. Regular service provided by our company can extend the life of your door. Our specialists can help fix any type of problem.

I have a noisy garage door, what should I do?

You are probably using a chain drive garage door opener and it is expected to work that way. However, if you wish to have a quieter working garage door, you may replace it with a belt drive instead. Our experts can help you to figure out which brand will work within your budget.

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